Q  Are these meals only for people following a keto diet?

  • Absolutely not. Not keto? no problem! Our keto backcountry meals pair beautifully with some low-cost instant rice, potatoes or pasta from your home pantry for a truly 2 serving meal.

Q.  How do I use the meal pouch?

  • Simply boil some water and add directly to the pouch, stir to combine the added ghee and spices, close the zip top closure and wait 10 to 15 min.  Open the pouch, stir and enjoy your hot meal.

Q  How long will my meal take to cook?

  • Can you wait 15 minutes?  After you open the pouch, remove the oxygen package and ghee.  Add the ghee to the package, add hot water, it takes less than 15 min. to cook.

Q  Are the meals gluten free?

  • Yes.  they are gluten free.

Q  Do the meals contain any preservatives?

  • No.  None whatsoever.

Q  Can I cold soak the meals?

  • Yes.  For best results we encourage to hot soak for 10-15 minutes in the pouch.   If you wish to cold soak - time to completion will vary and you will have to warm the ghee in an inner pocket to add at mealtime.  You can also safely eat our meals dry if you wish. 

Q  How long will the meals last?

  • Our keto meals have all been tested and certified for a 12 month "best before" shelf life.

Q  Are the meal pouches recyclable?

  • The meal pouches are made out of paper with an aluminum liner. Both paper and aluminum can be recycled; however, please double check with your local recycling facility to ensure they will take the pouches as every jurisdiction is different.  Thank you for packing out!

Q  Are these meals only for athletes or people on outdoor adventures?

  • No.  Our meals are for everyone - especially if you value healthy, convenient meals. Our keto backcountry meals are wholesome, nutrient-packed, and great tasting for anyone  on the go, at home or in the outdoors.