By: Helene Steiner


This past summer I bought myself a 60th birthday present.  A handmade lightweight wooden ocean kayak, built by a friend. What a thing of beauty it is! thanks to Wayne, for the nice workmanship. With this kayak, I’m going to explore Powell Lake for days on end. I also want to paddle to Goat Island and hike up the steep trail to explore the two lakes on the summit.

I’m also excited to spend much of my summer Kayaking Desolation Sound!! ( ( So much beautiful BC coastline to explore!  Armed with plenty of camping gear, and backcountry meals from Wild Edge Keto (http//  I’m going to immerse myself in the unusually warm waters off the coast. Did you know that due to specific ocean currents the water temperature here can reach 24C? (74F, that’s almost like swimming in Maui!). The Desolation Sound Marine Park, with its 60 Miles of Coastline, many beautiful islands, nooks, and crannies to explore will be the first ‘order of business’! So I better start planning, yes, it’s only January, but I need to get my reservation in with BC Parks (

What are you going to do this summer?

March 26, 2023 — Christie Dionne