Article by Ross Collicutt

My first backpacking trips were filled with awe and excitement to get off grid and see places I had never been to before. They were also filled with dread with what my stomach would do with the backpacking food I was eating. High in preservatives and off the charts with salt, my stomach preferred the food from home.

A few years ago I switched to mostly paleo and gluten free and this really limited my options with backpacking food. Most were packed with whatever cheap fillers they could dehydrate. They were more rice, potatoes and preservatives than real meat and vegetables.

Some backpacking food companies offered gluten free options but I couldn’t find any that offered high-quality, real food you could take on the trail.

Scrolling through Facebook one day a friend (thanks Janet!) had posted about Wild Edge Keto backpacking food. I was very interested.

What is Wild Edge Keto Backpacking Food?

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June 18, 2021 — Christie Dionne